Award Winning Titles

Q:  Why do I see white stickers in the back of some books, but not others?

A:  It’s one way we identify award winning books.

While there are numerous book awards out there, we focus our attention on several national and regional awards in different fields. We collect several major book awards that sound familiar: Pulitzer, Nobel Prize, and Caldecott to name a few.  A few may not: Sarah Josepha Hale, Great Stone Face, and Ladybug Picture Book.   Whatever the honor, the white sticker states which award the book has won; there are several titles that have more than one sticker due to winning more than one award.

The other way we identify award winning books is through our website.   Click on the Award Winning Titles link under Quick Links to Other Resources to discover what titles we own.

And just so you don’t think we’re biased: we have a great selection of Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Documentary Feature winners on DVD.