Internet Resource: Khan Academy

Particularity at the beginning or end of a semester, we will have students looking for help with the Accuplacer test or algebra.  The library has a few books, such as an Accuplacer study guide and Algebra for Dummies, avaliable for check out.  But if you’re at home and can’t come to the library?  Or you still feel confused despite the book?

Have you heard of Khan Academy?  They have a wide variety of free videos on mathematic concepts–from developmental math to calculus.  With over 2,500 videos, they cover more than just math; there are videos covering a variety of science and humanities subjects as well.  There are videos on biology, chemistry, computer science, and economics to name a few.   They even cover art history with an interactive, online textbook.


Winter Break is Almost Here!

The library will be open during winter break, so feel free to stop on by.  If you plan on not returning to campus until mid-January, save yourself a trip: return any library items you have checked out before you leave for the semester break.

As a reminder, the library reserves the right to place a library hold on your account once an item has been overdue for thirty days or more.  A library hold prevents one from registering for classes and receiving official transcripts and a diploma; it is removed once the item has been returned or a replacement fee has been paid.